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president’s message

The management philosophy of the DAIKYO Group is, "Leveraging the collective strengths of the Group, Daikyo strives to create a ‘harmonious living environment’ through housing products and services that satisfy the needs of all age groups and lifestyles."

Japan is currently experiencing a decreasing population and an aging of society on a scale that is unprecedented throughout the world, and it is thought that changes in the social environment caused by environmental issues and energy issues, etc. will result in customer needs becoming more and more diversified.

Amid these enormous changes in the social environment, the DAIKYO Group will need to provide not only hardware in the form of buildings, etc., but also software in the form of wide-ranging services and new solutions. We also intend to review all aspects of our involvement in the fields of condominium and building management and repairs, and asset management, etc. from the point of view of our customers and evolve even further.

Taking the broad sense of the term “to reside,” the DAIKYO Group will come together to create a new residential culture. It is also our aim to become a lifestyle environment creator in order to solve the problems of all our customers, including local societies and communities.

Accepting the challenges involved in bringing innovation into our existing business affairs and entering new business fields both at home and abroad, we intend to become a new real estate service company with the style of residential culture selected by our customers at the core.

Photo Akira Yamaguchi President and Representative Executive Officer