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Co-prosperity with employees and business partners

For employees

Initiatives for self-growth

Initiatives for flexible work styles

“Fresh Up Day”

“Fresh Up Day” is a day set aside by each of our branches and offices as a “day with no overtime.” We encourage each branch/office to designate a “Fresh Up Day” twice per month and we are working to enhance the benefits of this initiative.

Annual paid vacation hours

This can be taken on an hourly basis, and individuals can use the system to allow more flexible work arrangements.

Staggered hours system

We have changed this system to make it more flexible, by increasing the number of types from three to five.

Before (3 types)   After (5 types)
Start Time Time Breakdown Start Time End Time
  Staggered Hours A 9:30 18:00
10:00 Staggered Hours B 10:00 18:30
11:00 Staggered Hours C 11:00 19:30
13:00 Staggered Hours D 13:00 21:30
  Staggered Hours E The start and end times can be set freely to account for unexpected events.
(Instruction from approved person required)

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Corporate university

Corporate university

The Daikyo Group’s top management team passes on knowledge and engages in dialogue to convey management perspectives, swiftly cultivating young and midlevel employees who will eventually oversee the Group.

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Open courses through the Learning Cafe

Learning Cafe

Seasoned front-line professionals lecture on various subjects in these classes. We hold these classes periodically as tools to cultivate a corporate culture of continuous learning, self-actualization and interaction to enhance job satisfaction.


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Initiatives for workplace motivation

Working hours that account for child-rearing

In addition to offering childbirth leave, we have a system in which employees can shorten the number of working hours and days according to his/her specific circumstances in order to facilitate child-rearing. Employees are asked to decide the content of their shortened work-week in advance, with the maximum total reduction set at 10 hours per week.

Working hours that account for child-rearing

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Kurumin Mark Certification


Daikyo has obtained Kurumin Mark Certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan in recognition of outstanding efforts based on the Act on the Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next-Generation of Children.

Number of employees taking childcare leave (As of the year ended March 31, 2015)
88 (including 4 males)


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Information-sharing luncheon club for childcare-leave community


Seeking to support the smooth return of childcare leave-takers to the workplace, we hold information-sharing luncheon club for employees currently on childcare leave and employees who have returned to the workplace and are balancing their child-rearing and job duties. In order to support the families and jobs of employees who have returned from childcare leave, we conduct interviews with the bosses of the departments slated for return-to-work. We also draw on views and thoughts unique to working mothers to foster their further advancement.


Number of participants in childcare-leave community

2014 2015 2016
29 31 26

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Balancing support of cancer treatment and work


The Daikyo Group was the first company in the real estate sector to receive an “Excellence Prize” in the “Awards for Companies Making Excellent Efforts to Balance Cancer Patient Treatment and Work,” hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In addition to establishing a vacation system to support cancer treatment, we have built a system that makes it easy to get opinions and desires directly from employees. The aforementioned award reflected these and other efforts to balance medical treatment and work. We will continue striving to foster motivating workplaces and comfortable environments to balance treatment and work more effectively.

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Initiatives for employee heath

Daikyo Health Program


In fiscal 2014, we introduced the Daikyo Health Program, an initiative to promote healthy living based on the premise that employee health is an important asset. This reflects our belief that the health and safety of employees are paramount. A key part of the initiative is the “BMI Improvement Support Training Program,” a weight-loss program designed to prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases. This involves a multitude of training sessions, including mindset training and experience at Buddhist temples and the “Seven Lucky Gods Tour,” a walking event using Nordic board poles. We also conduct cooking sessions to make healthy meals that won’t make people fat even if they eat a lot, and we support one-on-one sessions with personal trainers who are well-versed in individual lifestyles. In addition, we host a variety of health-promotion events, such as health-related seminars, and we designate “no smoking days” across the entire Group.

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Stress check

The Daikyo Group believes that the health and safety of employees are paramount. To this end, we are encouraging our employees to become more concerned of their mental health and have entrenched a virtuous cycle that calls for them to “notice,” “accept,” and “consult” when faced with stress. We introduced the system in August 2015, prior to the enactment of laws designed to foster more rewarding workplace environments. We have also built various support frameworks—such as providing employees and their families with access to counseling with outside clinical psychologists and the like—in an effort to create environments where people can work with peace of mind.

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For business partners

We formulated our “Group Business Partner Selection Rules” with the aim of ensuring business transparency and risk management when dealing with our business partners.

Services for clients

Seeking to build better partnerships with important clients, we enable them to download and use PDF and/or Excel versions of invoices and other fixed-form documents.

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For shareholders

Basic policy on information disclosure

We are committed to becoming a Group that earns the maximum trust and praise of stakeholders, including shareholders and other investors. We do this through the timely, fair, and accurate disclosure of information on business strategies, corporate activities, financial status, and the like. At the same time, we work to ensure that our corporate value is properly reflected and evaluated in the capital markets.

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Communication with shareholders and other investors

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held in late June every year. Our policy is to avoid the most and second-most concentrated days for such shareholder meetings. The Notice of Convocation is sent out three weeks before the General Meeting, and relevant information is available prior to that on TDnet and our corporate website. In this way, we work to ensure that shareholders have ample opportunity to consider various proposals. We also provide English translations. To encourage more and more shareholders to exercise their rights, we offer various options for those unable to attend the General Meeting. In addition to voting by post, they can exercise their rights via the Internet by accessing our designated voting website from a personal computer, smartphone, or mobile phone.

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Information meetings

Since 2005, we have held information meetings for analysts and institutional investors at least twice a year. We also host regular information meetings for individual investors through securities companies and the like.

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IR information on our website


On our corporate website, we have an IR section for shareholders and other investors that contains financial information and other IR materials. We are committed to ensuring that shareholders and other investors, as well as all other stakeholders, have a full understanding of the Daikyo Group’s business activities.

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